Pastoral Search


Please submit your resume as well as any supporting documentation to the attention of Deacon Harry Wills via postal mail: 1019 Park Road NW Washington DC. 20010 or email:



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Associate Ministers

Rev. DeShone Barker, Intecessory Prayer

Rev. Winston Burton, Outreach Ministries

Rev. Carter S. R. Garner, Pastoral Care Ministry


Rev. Dr. Seretha R. Pearsall, Youth Minister  



Church School                                     Deacon Marion Bright, Superintendent

Cuisine Ministry                                   Deaconess Lois Burton, President

Deacons                                               Deacon Harry Wills, Chairman

Deaconess                                           Deaconess Edna Wills, President

Music                                                    Sister  Robin Jones & Rev J. Curtis McLean, Musicians

Samaritan Men                                    Brother  James Jones, President

Trustees                                               Brother  Abraham Wright, Chairman

Youth Ministry                                     Sisters  Andrenae Brown & Lauryn Pearsall

Ushers Ministry                                   Sister Marlene Jones-Kinney, President

Women Christian Fellowship          Sister Louis Thames, President

Sis Marlene Jones-Kinney, Church Clerk    

Sister Vikki Wells, Treasurer